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                                     Zig-Zag Soul Cameo
Justin West aka Zig-Zag Soul

         Painting... creating, in general, is my passion.  I see my current creations as the stem to an exotic blossom of work that will develop through my lifetime.
    My approach is playful, soulful, and intuitive, as I am a self-taught artist.  In addition to fostering this unique vision, I continue to educate myself on the fundamental technical elements of creation (i.e., color theory, composition, paint chemistry, various mediums).
    My work spans the breadth of my soul; from dark to light, from purely aesthetic to richly symbolic, from moment savored to life lesson, from balanced to chaotic, from bold to subtle, from simple to complex, I am exploring and solidifying the many nuances of my experiences.

    If you spend time with my pieces and the Universe they inhabit, you will begin to discover the myriad interconnections between them and the spiritual evolution they represent.  This is a cohesive body of work, not a disjointed assemblage of random, unconsidered strokes.  The whole is definitely more fulfilling than the sum of its parts.
Born: San Diego, CA
Raised: Charleston, SC
Lived in Phoenix, AZ for 2 years
Settled in Asheville, NC

Solo Shows:
Eclipse Salon: Asheville, NC: 8/15/09 through 9/15/09
Woolworth Walk Front Gallery: Asheville, NC- 7/01/10 through 7/31/10
Pump Gallery: Asheville, NC: Asheville, NC- 12/4/10 through 1/8/11
Eclipse Salon: Asheville, NC: 12/19/11 through 1/30/11

Woolworth Walk Front Gallery: Asheville, NC- 7/1/12 through 7/31/12
One night group show:

Embodi- An Aspire Production 04-16-04 at The Living Room, Charleston, SC    

Gallery Representation:

Woolworth Walk (Asheville, NC)


Label 228 Project (released September 1st, 2009)
3 Published drawings and one piece of prose:


The Carolina Quarterly Fall 2011 Issue (Vol 61, No. 2)

(5 paintings featured)

Join me on FLICKR for more photography: